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Parker Revenue Growth Strategies develops revenue growth, financial management and business planning for value creation. We’re proud of have helped many businesses in the following industries: retail and consumer products, non-profits, light manufacturing and construction. See below for some testimonials from our happy clients. Will your company be our next success story?

Kid Ventures

Bill was to assist me with the assessment of our company. Bill listened intently to my issues, asked me to fill out his “Organizational fitness questionnaire” which led to a robust and disciplined conversation about the development of a formal business plan.

Bill was instrumental in the company developing the business plan, financial plan, private placement memorandum {to raise private capital} and valuation of the business. Due to his extraordinary efforts, I asked him to become a part of the management team and serve as Kid Ventures Chief Operating Officer. Bill’s Fortune 100 retail and consumer products and private equity knowledge, enabled Kid Ventures to grow its revenue and increase cash flow and profits.

Discount Glass and Mirror

During the height of the economic meltdown and ensuing financial crisis, our business was losing revenue, gross margin and profits. Our cash was dwindling and we were headed into a very difficult business environment. I had discussions with the Director of Small Business Advising at the CDC, and requested professional help to assist me with the turnaround of my business.

The Director introduced me to Bill Parker, Chief Revenue Officer of Parker Revenue Growth Strategies and the three of us spent the better part of a day assessing my business issues. Bill loves to use the white board to capture key elements of the conversation so he can play back the critical issues facing the company.

Within a short amount of time, Bill assembled a team of professional experts who assessed every sector of my business. Once the assessment period was complete, we had an operating plan that enabled us to improve revenue, reduce expenses, increase gross margins and right size the business relative to revenue. Today, we have doubled our revenue and profits and acquired a complementary add on business. Without Bill’s professional expertise, we would have had a very difficult time managing our business at Discount Glass and Mirror.

Hatley Law Group

A boutique estate planning and asset protection law firm was planning to acquire a similar law firm and required assistance developing a business plan and gaining access to growth capital. Bill Parker, Chief Revenue Officer of Parker Revenue Growth Strategies met with the Founder and Attorney for the Law Group and after an extensive business analysis determined that the development of a business plan was crucial to the growth aspects of the firm.

The firm underwent an intensive organizational review which led to the development of a strategic business plan. The plan was presented to several local banks who considered providing growth capital to the firm for its planned acquisition; after an extensive and detailed review of the business plan, a local commercial bank opened a line of credit for the acquisition of the proposed estate planning firm.

Owner of the Hatley Law Group stated, “Without the knowledge and expertise of Bill Parker, we would not have been able to develop a business plan or been able to secure a line of credit without his extraordinary business acumen”.


President and CEO of BooXkeeping had a vision of growing his business via add-ons of small independent bookkeeping companies. After numerous discussions with Parker Revenue Growth Strategies and Bill Parker, Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Emma decided to engage the firm to develop a business plan that would lead to an infusion of private equity capital to grow the bookkeeping firm.

“Without Bill Parker’s expert advice and strategic planning ability, the firm would not have been able to secure an infusion of private equity capital that has enabled the firm to grow exponentially”. He is decisive and a great listener whose interest was in gaining a deep understanding of our company before putting a plan in place; we certainly appreciate his business acumen and strategic organizational fitness planning”.