Parker Revenue Growth Strategies

The Chief Revenue Officer and the Strategic Options to Drive Sales

Jun 09, 2023

What is the CRO role?

The most critical component of the strength of a business is revenue growth; without the engine of revenue driving financial performance, a company will lose market share and ultimately gross margin dollars and profits. To that end, since 2013, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) has been one of the fastest growth C-Level position in corporate and lower middle market companies.

So, what is a Chief Revenue Officer? The Chief Revenue Officer or CRO oversees all teams and processes related to revenue generation within an organization. This executive position ensures that the competitive position of the company are aligned around the strong categories of a company to drive revenue opportunities for long-term sales growth and maximizes profitability.

graph outlining the strong, medium & weak strategic revenue options

A CRO, on the other hand, considers sales as just one component of the machine that drives revenue. CROs look at goals 18 months or two years into the future and consider what’s happening in the market and what needs to be done now to reach those long-term objectives. To achieve real success with or without a CRO role, organizations need to shift from being reactive to proactive in the face of current changes and externally environmental market forces.

As an experienced CRO, please feel welcome to reach out to me and I can help set your business up to grow your revenue and drive sales.