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How To Prepare Your Business For An Exit Strategy

Apr 14, 2023

If you are the owner of a company, chances are you have received a regular stream of calls from private equity firms, competitors, strategic buyers and private individuals inquiring if your company is for sale.

While this barrage of inquiries may be flattering, it is essential that a business owner take stock of the critical areas of the company to ensure that the business is ‘buttoned up’ or organizationally fit prior to entertaining offers from investors.:

Analyze the Options to Exit

  • Ensure that the company is ‘Organizationally Fit’ for a transaction.
  • Prepare the plan and road map a minimum of 18 months in advance.
  • Understand the challenges facing the company.
  • Develop a strong advisory team {attorney, wealth manager, CPA and an operating executive} and consider transaction insurance so you manage transactional liability.
  • Build value creation as you head towards an exit; develop a business sale strategy. Ensure that the chemistry is right when deciding who to sell the company to.
  • Develop capital strategies {sell, take some chips off the table, ESOP or earnout} that support your financial planning.
  • Develop a business, financial and operating plan detailing the future growth and profitability of the company.
  • Succession planning, who will run the company? The details must be clearly stated {will you negotiate with the investor to stay on for a period of time or exit fully upon completion of the sale of the company}?
  • You owe It to yourself to determine your future or your wife and or husband will literally ‘throw you out of the house’!!

A well planned, realistic strategy to exit the business at a targeted level of valuation or to pass it on to the next generation is indispensable to all emerging growth companies. You have worked long and hard to build your company. Take the time and devote the focus required to exit it successfully.

About Parker Revenue Growth Strategies
Parker Revenue Growth Strategies is a business management firm that develops revenue growth, turnaround strategies, restructuring of the business to improve operating results and exit planning for lower middle market companies who want to increase business value.

Our organizational fitness planning process utilizes the talents of former C-level executes who have successfully run public and or private companies. Their expertise is paramount to a successful exit planning process when considering the sale of your company.

Our process helps CEOs make better decisions and execute effectively to meet their objectives. We provide the catalyst to help you and your team get the right things done.

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