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Organizational Fitness

Do you have a competitive advantage over the marketplace? What skills, capabilities, and core competencies make you different? At Parker Revenue Growth, our organizational fitness training programs focus on growing revenue and increasing the productivity and profitability of your company, your team, and your organization.

  • Strategy and Objectives: How Competitive Advantage Will Be Achieved
  • Skills and Capabilities: Competencies of the Organization
  • Structure: Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting Relationships
  • Style of the Leader: The Behavior of The Leader and Top Team

Leadership & Coaching

At Parker Revenue Growth, we’re passionate about helping leaders lead better. We offer a wide range of executive and leadership development services. Whether it’s improving leadership styles, developing a compelling vision, or removing road blocks – we’re here to help you grow.

  • Define the Leadership Styles that Deliver Sustainable Results
  • We Will Conduct the Management Principles Needed to Lead Growth
  • Utilize Emotional Intelligence {Daniel Goleman} to Guide the Leader’s Self-Assessment and Management Style Awareness

Brand Strategy

Brands are at the heart of every organization. Sometimes it takes a special talent to make sure they’re just right. Is your brand compelling? Is it customer focused? Does it tell the story of who your company is today?  We realize that building a brand is a lot like building a house. We can build you a small house or a mansion. They’re both houses, but radically different in almost every aspect. At Parker Revenue Growth, our branding exercises will help you:
  • Develop the Brand Story, Message and Positioning Statement for the Company
  • Ensure that the Brand Promise is Clearly Stated and Believable
  • Develop the Brand Differentiators that Are Unique from the Competition
  • Develop the Brand Personality

Revenue Growth Strategies

Growing a business is no easy feat and requires a tremendous amount of perseverance, dedication, focus, and even some luck. Knowing how to manage your growth ensures long-term success. While a myriad of strategies can enable your business to achieve growth, we focus on powerful growth strategies that increase revenue.

  • Revamp Product Development Offerings
  • Refine Category Management and Key Item Analysis
  • Align Marketing and Advertising Around Product Offerings
  • Align Inventory Management and Revenue Around Product Offerings

Vision & Planning

To begin a complete overview of your organization is done, we’ll get to know your companies work culture and environment to make strategic decisions. Using a variety of proven methods, techniques and tools we will ensure the best vision and planning is being implemented for your specific organization and its exact needs to drive your organization to success.
  • Develop an Aspirational Message for the Business {Vision}
  • Develop a Core Focus on the Purpose, Values and Focus of the Company {Mission}
  • Define What Makes the Company Unique
  • Realistically Review Who the Company Serves and What It Sells 
Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Financial Services

Once you’ve gone through our financial planning process, we’ll provide you with a detailed roadmap that contains clearly defined mid and long-term goals, measurable objectives, financial strategies, and action plans with timelines, budgets, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Review the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statement
  • Develop Annual Budgets {Monthly measurement}
  • Ensure that Product Profitability to the Individual Level is In Place
  • Complete Inventory and Category Management for Maximum Profitability

Product Innovation

Smart businesses realize that new products and services are the lifeblood of the future – and that it is imperative to innovate. The challenge is a formidable one: extend existing products and services to maximize their contribution throughout their lifecycle while introducing compelling new  offerings and creating new categories of growth.

  • New Products and Services Are the Life Blood of All Companies
  • Establish a Regular Product Review Process {time frame is dependent on the industry}
  • Manage the Risk Component of Innovation; Ensure Risk is Aligned with Financial Outcomes   

Strategic Planning & Organizational Fitness

Our strategic planning services will help you clarify, prepare and manage for future growth. Whether you need a detailed business plan, organizational assessment, or financial plan, we can help you clarify your vision and mission while helping you develop clear, deliverable, manageable action steps to take your business to the next level.

  • Develop a Strategic Plan that Defines the Direction of the Business
  • Align the Strategic Plan with the Organizational Fitness Analysis and Financial Plan
  • The Operational Plans Should Outline the Objectives, Strategies and Initiatives Needed to Deliver Long-Term Financial Results

Private Equity

We help businesses drive growth. We offer a full range of services that maximize revenue growth and build value for future investors. We are more than an experienced business advisor. We can assist with compliance, accounting and tax regulations germane to your business structure and evolving capital needs.

  • In Depth Business Assessment and Valuation Plans
  • Review of Top Management; Are they Built to Create Value
  • Develop a Realistic Strategic Plan that Allocates Capital to Deliver the ROI
  • Rapid Improvement Techniques Are Developed to Deliver Short, Intermediate and Long-Term Results