Tara Jayde Capital Partners Is Now Parker Revenue Growth Strategies

Tara Jayde Capital Partners Is Now Parker Revenue Growth Strategies

A little background:  Bill transitioned from corporate executive to entrepreneur and founded Tara Jayde Capital Partners in 2005 to provide business turnaround and revenue growth strategies to lower middle market companies that required a new direction to create value in the business. The consumer products manufacturing companies that TJCP and its private equity partners sought to acquire have revenues of $15.0 to $50.0 million and EBITDA of $2.5 to $8.0 million. The industries that TJCP focuses on are, retail, consumer products, construction, light manufacturing, healthcare industries and non-profit organizations.

Tara Jayde Capital Partners original mission was to partner with private equity firms to acquire, grow and create value in mid-size consumer products companies. This strategy was highly successful as TJCP raised $10.0MM to start Jeanomix, a contemporary branded sportswear retailer for men and women; invested in Pharmaca, Integrative Pharmacy, an all-natural health, beauty, and wellness products pharmacy and retailer and developed a business plan for Kid Ventures, a children’s edutainment company to grow the business beyond Southern California. Parker Revenue Growth Strategies New Name

In September 2018, the Turnaround Management Association granted Bill the Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) designation after an intensive review process. The Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) designation provides evidence of an individual’s commitment to the turnaround and corporate renewal industry and also attests to a level of expertise that non-certified professionals may find difficult to prove.

In October 2017, based on client demand and input, Parker is refocusing his efforts to rebrand Tara Jayde Capital Partners to Parker Revenue Growth Strategies to provide professional management services to small and medium sized businesses who need to grow or turnaround their companies to enhance and accelerate value creation.

Organizational Fitness Assessments

Moving forward, Parker Revenue Growth will develop and execute ‘Organizational Fitness’ Assessment Plans for companies and organizations to determine how to improve revenues, business valuations, and operating results.  With the goal of reviewing the health of your operations, and creating a road map for success, our assessment will develop an in-depth analysis that will lead to:

  • Fully engaging with the management team in an integrative way to understand. their competencies and skills and how they will contribute to success.
  • Gaining an understanding of how key value drivers are functioning.
  • Developing recommendations for corrective action and strategic and operational planning.
  • Creating a rapid improvement plan detailing immediate needs (action plan).
  • Identifying revenue-growth opportunities.

Includes a Comprehensive Review Of: ​

  • Business Operations
  • Revenue Generation and Financial Planning
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Environmental challenges
  • Personnel Capabilities
  • Growth Strategy
  • Execution Plans
  • Business Trends

What Will Lead to Sustainable Financial Success and Value Creation?

Building Organizational Fitness is a Disciplined and Time-Tested Management Process that Accomplishes Three Fundamental Tasks:

  • Development of a compelling and coherent statement of business and organizational direction
  • Creation of a broadly validated diagnosis of the current state of the company
  • Agreement on the actions needed to execute the plan and deliver results

The Organizational Fitness Assessment is Designed Around Seven Capabilities: 

  • Strategy and Objectives:How Competitive Advantage Will be Achieved
  • Skills and Capabilities: Competence of the Organization
  • Structure:Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting Relationships
  • Systems: Processes, Best Practices and Procedures
  • Style of Leader: The Behavior of the Leader and Top Team
  • Staff:People and their Background {the DNA of the Organization}
  • Shared Values: Habits, Beliefs and Behaviors of the Organization {Culture}

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