Parker Revenue Growth will provide interim CEO services and is appointed by the Board of Directors or  private equity firm to assume the role of chief executive officer during a time of transition.

What an Interim CEO does?

When an immediate need for leadership arises, interim management can offer a proactive solution for a limited period of time, based on the client’s needs. Many organizations rely on interim executives to keep their organizations on course during periods of transition, or lead them through successful transformations. An Interim CEO is responsible for the overall management of the business.

Key Work Categories: Financial management, human resources, products, information technology, customer relationship management, supply chain, board of directors governance.

Benefits Of Hiring An Interim CEO

Professional manager with broad based general management talents

Develops a 100 day plan to create a high sense of urgency

Industry expert who can readily identify growth opportunities to drive revenue

Keen eye on the discipline of execution so goals and objectives are met on time

When an Interim CEO makes sense to hire?

There are several reasons it makes sense to hire an Interim CEO. The Interim CEO can right the ship, build short-term action plans to meet stated objectives and direct the efforts of the management team. If any of the bullet points below apply to your organization, an interim CEO will be your best decision financially and strategically.

  • Current management is unable to develop the strategic direction for the business
  • There is no successor in place to lead the company
  • The company is losing market share, revenue and bottom line profitability
  • The company needs a business turnaround and restructuring
  • Disciplined leadership is needed pre or post-merger
  • Rightsizing or downsizing the business
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Interim CEO Success Stories

Become our next success story

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